7lovejohnson-alkaline-healingThe physical reason I choose nature over Big Pharma when dealing with health autoimmune issue and everyday health care… were ALL pharm medication have serious side effects leading and linked to more illnesses; It’s a chain reaction keeping you in the pharmaceutical loop. Although this condition isn’t an ailment I deal with but some many Americans are… One example, #Statin medication acts by blocking an enzyme in the liver that produces #cholesterol and #Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. However, cholesterol and CoQ10 are essential for optimal body and Brain Function.

Statin causing chronic fatigue, muscle pain, muscle weakness, memory loss, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diabetes, kidney and liver damage, birth defects, heart failure and cancer. Statin drugs cause cancer because they extremely acidify the body and tumors can only grow in an #acidic body.

The Theories that are being promoted as health care in using Statin drug have been tested over and over while being disproved each time. #DrugScams

via The Dangers of Statins (Cholesterol lowering statin drugs Side Effects LDL cholesterol Myth CoQ10) –

by Seven Lovaste'

7Lovaste': Executive Creative Director; Organic Positive Living Wellness Sage

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