The Benefits of Juice Fasting

There is much evidence to support the idea that man is designed to live on a vegan diet. The length of our digestive tract and the design of our mouth are those of a vegan animal. When we don’t run our bodies on the fuel that it was designed to receive, our bodies must learn to live on the wrong food. For this reason, the bodies that are designed to last for 120 years fail in half that time, and we call it ‘normal’.

Juice fasting is the process whereby you consume only freshly made vegetable juices. Bottled juices as used in the Hollywood Diet are not useable as they have been processed to destroy the essential enzymes that are vital to a successful juice diet.

Juice fasting delivers a heavy dose of nutrients because the nutrition is in the juice. You won’t need to worry about sufficient fiber as your experience will reveal. Throw out the pulp, you have already extracted the nutrients by juicing.

A juice fast is a drastic correction to our behavior and our bodies make a radical response as is evident by an immediate improvement in our health. Sleep is more refreshing and our eyesight may dramatically improve.

A big benefit from this diet is that the results are immediate, realizing the difference the second day. The increased feeling of well being is tremendously encouraging and you are eager to stay with the program as you see the pounds melt away.

One huge benefit is the immediate release of stored toxins in body fat. This sudden release can cause distress as the toxins are released into our bloodstream in preparation of their being eliminated, and this can cause a person to believe ‘the treatment is worse than the cure’ as the body starts to repair the damage caused by a lifetime of abuse, so a drastic juice fast may not be right for everybody without special consideration. Some people are able to live on a juice fast and others may crave the support of meat in their diet and actually may not be happy on an extended juice fast.

The solution for these people is to enter into it more slowly by reducing their portions of meats and cooked foods and increasing their portions of raw fruits and vegetables until they are content with a vegan diet. This may take several weeks, but it is surprising how your body may react when it adjusts to the diet change. In my case, I was disgusted by the smell of cooking meat – I couldn’t stand it.

This preparation may be necessary for some people before they can comfortably enter into a juice fast of several days or weeks. When you are prepared, you start by taking only freshly made fruit and vegetable juices several times a day. It is important that the juice be drunk as it is prepared as storing it, even in a refrigerator, allows the air to destroy thy enzymes that are essential to digesting the nutrients. We have heard that fruits and vegetables should be eaten separately. This is because vegetables have slow digesting fiber and fruits do not, so they pass through our systems at a different speed. Vegetable juice does not have the large amount of fiber, so it may me mixed with fruit juice which can provide a pleasant change from the flavor of the same vegetables voiced over and over.

As you feel more energetic and as your total calorie intake has been reduced, your body will support your metabolism by using your energy reserves, your stored body fat. Make sure that you get at least moderate exercise to keep the demand for energy up.
My experience with those who go on this program is that they are surprised by their rapid loss of weight, They are surprised at their feeling of well being, surprised that they are not hungry, surprised that they are not bothered by an appetite for restricted foods They are surprised by how fresh is their mouth and breath, and how confident they are that they can continue the process for as long as it takes to achieve their goals.

A frequent concern is; “Where do we get our protein?” If you think about it, you realize that cows need protein too and all their needs are supplied by the vegetables they eat. The leanest meats we eat are only half protein and some vegetables are nearly half protein. It may be that a short juice fast of several days may not require particular consideration for protein, but a juice fast is not intended to be ‘forever’. However, many people benefit from periodic juice fasting. If you can adjust your body to accept a vegan diet, it will be necessary to add some cooked foods such as whole grains and legumes to supply protein, but the juice fast remains as the most effective way to restore the health lost by our poor diet. via Bob Davis

Returning to a Toxic Diet After a Juice Fast

Presented for your humor … not to be taken seriously!

For those who insist on returning to their old toxic diet undoing the revitalizing of fasting, here are some tongue-in-cheek suggestions.

1. Slowly begin to reintroduce harmful foods. Suggestions are potato chips, pizza with extra cheese, white bread, milk, milk shakes from edible oil products, fried chicken, potatoes deep-fried in beef fat, eggs from chemically raised chickens, barbecued steak with a small portion of overcooked vegetables. Include lots of coffee and donuts to insure an optimum toxicity level.

2. Eat very few raw fruits and vegetables. If you must eat vegetables, make sure the life has been cooked out of them. The best fruits are canned and preserved in sugar syrup.

3. Drink lots of Coke or Pepsi. Canned vegetable juice is fine in small quantities because the enzymes have been destroyed through pasteurization. If you buy fruit drinks made from powder, make sure you see food coloring and synthetic sweeteners and a few unpronounceable chemicals listed in the ingredients.

4. Eat ravenously as if every meal is your last. Swallow food with the least amount of chewing. Eating your meals in less than three minutes will guarantee minimum saliva content. Use butter as a lubricant. Deep-fried foods will also require less chewing.

5. Eat as much as your stomach can take. This forces the muscles that support the stomach to stretch out of shape. Try to eat till you feel stuffed to the point breathing is difficult and sitting requires that you loosen the button of your pants. Mixing proteins, starches, and sugars together with lots of liquid will reduce digestion and increase fermentation, which is necessary to create an achy bloating effect and effective high-powered flatulence.

6. Avoid fiber at all cost. If forced to eat whole-wheat flour, pick the bits of bran from the bread. This will allow the food to pass more slowly through the intestine so the body may absorb optimal toxic chemicals.

7. Do not exercise. Exercise oxygenates the cells and triggers the lymphatic system to cleanse the body. Try to remain in an inactive, horizontal position. TV watching on a sofa is perfect. Try to take as many snacks as possible to the sofa so you do not have to walk back and forth to the fridge.

8. Snack regularly during the night so as to curb the body’s natural tendencies to detoxify during sleep.

by Seven Lovaste'

7Lovaste': Executive Creative Director; Organic Positive Living Wellness Sage

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