New Moon Love xo When you wake to your cycle the day after the new moon xo Lunar-Cycle xo

Luna Cycle… I love for it’s natural reason xo~

When they take everything from nature and make it their owns. menstrual-Cycle :/ Woman have known for many moons that when we gather together in love and joy ( girls day, hangout ) our cycle flows all the same. But because some have been lead to believe that it’s just because, a myth or just no care for the whys of truth; some brush it off and move on without learning about our true womanhood xo~ seven GODDESS speed~ 7Lovaste’

By nature, women are lunar. It’s no coincidence that the length of our menstrual cycles are synced up with the waxing and waning of the moon… occurring around every 28 days.

If we are synced up with the moon’s cycle; we will “menstruate” around the new moon and ovulate around the full moon. And while your body may not already be in harmony with the moon, there are particular things to keep in mind and practices to do that can help regulate your cycle. When your body and the moon are synced up, your cycle won’t feel like a pain-in-the-butt but, an opportunity to “go with the flow.”

by Seven Lovaste'

7Lovaste': Executive Creative Director; Organic Positive Living Wellness Sage

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