When I don’t get it in my daily food intake, I turn to… Garden of Life RAW! RAW vitamins and supplements that are derived from RAW, whole-food created nutrients can help fill our nutritional void. These types of supplements and vitamins are untreated, unadulterated and uncooked and are naturally cultivated – similar to the process of growing plants. In nature, plants transform inorganic materials into useful and bioavailable nutrients through the process of photosynthesis. This same type of cultivation process is used with RAW, cultured vitamin supplements.

I’m out of perfect weight multis so … I’m taking my Son RAW ONE for Men which includes higher levels of vit K, vit B12, zinc & selenium to support men’s health but, I make up for it in taking vit D3, folic acid & iron, to support my womanly needs.

Multi’s EVERYDAY; Days that I don’t take MY…

Additional Vitamins- BEE POLLEN

Natural Foods 1st Choice/RAW vitamins, Vitamin B12/Iron – Kombucha, Smoked Oysters & Eggs, Vitamin A-Red Peppers, Carrots & SweetPotatoes, Vitamin E-SunflowerSeeds & Almonds

by Seven Love Notes

Chief and Creator, Supreme Wellness Sage

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